Want to settle in US? Here is how you can fulfill your aspiration

In a move which may prove both good and bad for Indians who want to migrate to America, two Republican Senators have proposed a new legislation that has been backed by US President Donald Trump. According to this legislation, the education elite will have dibs on the Green Card or permanent residency of the country over those who are not. Here comes the good and bad part, as a part of this legislation only the educated Indian will be able to migrate to the US easily as compared to the unskilled Indians, according to a TOI report. This is being done by the United states government to facilitate high skilled, educationally-privileged immigration at the expense of family ties-based immigration.

After the implementation of this legislation, Indians who currently use both H1-B guest worker route and family ties to migrate to the United States will now get an easy way. The educated- highly skilled English-proficient elites, who till now had a hard way to migrate can easily do so as they will get an upper hand on the permanent residency of US.

But still Indian citizens are still constrained by the country specific quota that is 7 per cent, but Nepalese or Pakistanis have a greater chance of getting US residency than Indians as the residents there are fewer in number.

According to the TOI report, good education, particularly if it is a US-minted degree, will earn big points: An applicant with a high school diploma from the United States or the foreign equivalent gets one point; a foreign bachelor’s degree earns five points, while a US bachelor’s degree earns six points.


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