Indian H-1B Visa Holders Plea to US Lawmakers for Green Card

Indian IT professionals working in the United States on H-1B visa have approached US lawmakers for green card approval. The country-specific quotas for the green card have resulted in massive backlogs in last few years.

More than 100,000 Indian IT professionals apply for the green card to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) each year. However, the country-specific quota allows the department to approve only 10,000 of these applications. With the number increasing each year, the backlog of green card applicants is massive.
More than 100 Indian IT professionals have formed a group called ‘Skilled Immigrants in America’. The group claims to have 150,000 members in 25 states of the US. The agonized IT professionals flew down to Washington to meet top American lawmakers and their aides on Monday.
All the green card applicants waiting for the approval are highly skilled Indian IT professionals. Most of these agonized professionals have moved to the US 10 years ago and still waiting for the green card. The group expects the US government to remove the country-specific quota for the green card.

The members of ‘Skilled Immigrants in America’ are Indian techies that have been legally working in the US on H-1B visa. The professionals are highly-paid individuals that are tax-paying and law-abiding immigrants. The group demands the Congress to check the positive contributions made by Indian professionals in the US and solve the problem.

The meeting with top US lawmakers is the awareness drive by the group. A lot of these legal immigrants have major issues like adult kids that are waiting to transfer on F1 visa to get into a college. The Indian IT professionals are demanding the equal rights for their children who have spent more than a decade in the US.