Dr. Flavio Lanes

Radiologist Entrepreneur

Vitoria Espiritu Santo Brazil
Sponsoring wife and two daughters
Destination: NYC.

“We value education. My daughter is 15 years old and is already studying in New York… and my younger son is excited about the possibility of studying there too. What we don’t want is for them, after 10 to 12 years studying in the U.S., having to come back and not been able to stay there, it doesn’t make sense. I want them to choose what is best for them, but having the same options as the Americans.
“Other visas don’t have the same flexibility. If my children keep their student visas, after they graduate, they will need to get a work visa or find a company to sponsor them.”
“Like everything in life, the project has a risk, but it seems to be a very small risk, and it is done by competent people.”
It is not in my interest to manage a new business and I don’t have the experience. That is why I did not choose the direct EB-5.

Lias H T de Salles Freire


Sao Paulo/ SP Brazil
EB-5 to her nephew
Destination: California.

“My mother is donating the value of the investment to my nephew because she wants him, his wife and son to have a better future in the United States.”
“My nephew always wanted to live in the United States. He is from the countryside, went to an exchange program and ended up falling in love with U.S. He decided he’d try to live there. He went to study, then he took his girlfriend. They married there and now they have a child born in the United States. “
“I have been searching companies that works with the EB-5 here in Sao Paulo, and of all that I went to visit and interview, LCR is more complete and more professional.”
“Throughout the process of EB-5 visa issuance we have had the full support of LCR and when we need clarification, they are the ones who provide it for us.”

Dr. Daher Chade

Fisition Urologist

Sao Paulo/ SP Brazil
EB-5 to his family
Destination: California.

We decided to move to the US to give more security, education and a better quality of life for the kids, but I believe also for my carrier may benefit from it
The Regional Center allows you to make an EB-5 Application without opening your own company, so hiring the Regional Center makes the job creation requirement much easier
I chose LCR for the EB-5 program for two reasons: the design of their investment project, whick looks very good, and a presence here in Brazil, wich makes our contact much closer
The main benefit of the EB-5 is the independency that you and your family will have to live permanently in the US, whithout depending on any institution or a company that hires you to live there

Karina Schulze Blanck

Business Consultant

Sao Paulo/ SP Brazil
EB-5 trough donation for her and her kids
Destination: New York or Miami.

In my opinion, the main benefit of EB-5 is definetely the Green Card
I won’t be directly involved in the management of the new business and this is very good to me because I need to take care of the kids in the US, and I wouldn’t have time to take care of the business in a day to day basis
We are doing the EB-5 for the kids, once I get the Green Card it will be extended to the kids, and we want to give them the opportunity to work, to study and to live in the US
LCR has been helping us in two fronts. The-first one is presenting to us a good EB-5 project opportunity, and the second one is providing us all the help to solve our doubts and to overcome every little step in the process

Dr. Gustavo Lorenci

Lawyer & Engineer

EB-5 to his wife and himself
Destination: California

“The EB-5 visa is characterized as a safer process for immigration. There is some basic requirements laid out in law. If you enforce them, the chance of success is much greater. “
“The greatest difficulties are the doubts, the uncertainties of how is the process, how will the transition between countries take place, what is the tax process “
“The EB-5 advantage for me is not having to run a business linked to my visa process in the United States. This provides additional flexibility in the immigration process. I can keep my process to date in the US without leaving my business in Brazil. “
“LCR has expert professionals in all areas, both in law partners as professionals who know very well the process of the EB-5. Any question I raise is clarified immediately. “